Gutter Connected Greenhouses

Our Gutter Connected Greenhouse is made of 2 free-standing greenhouses put side by side to create a valley to gutter connect them together with our all aluminum gutter that is 7” wide that makes it easy to stand in.


Standard Size Bays

10’,16’,20’,24’,26’,30, and 36’ wide


Custom Sizes

Any size from 10’ to 36’ wide


Sidewall heights from 5’6” to 10’ high.

Our bows are made out of 1.9”tubing 13ga. galvanized high strength alloy steel tubing with a minimum yield strength alloy of 55,000 psi.,1.6” x 14ga. galvanized anchors, 1.6” x 14ga. center ridge, 1.9” x 13ga. cross truss every 10’ and stainless steel hardware are standard on gutter connected greenhouses.


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